The Process

– Stacy Custom Homes offers a unique, refreshing experience for anyone who is looking to build the home of their dreams. –

Anyone who works with Steve Stacy will tell you that you can expect nothing less than complete satisfaction from him and his team. What sets Stacy Custom Homes apart is the genuine care that Steve shows for every potential buyer he works with.

As soon as you sit down with Steve to start the home-build process, you can tell that your experience is going to be different. The first questions Steve asks a potential buyer are never about budget or preparation, they’re questions meant to help you get to know each other. He wants to know who you are, what life is like for you in this stage of life, and what you hope life be in the future – that’s how he begins to understand what kind of home could be perfect for you.

He asks about your family, and if you’re hoping for it to grow while you live in your new home. He wants to know what you care about most, so you can work together to find a location that is close to the things that will give you life, if you haven’t already found your perfect lot. You won’t talk about budget with Steve until he’s sure he understands what is important to you; his focus is always on you.

Success for Steve doesn’t look like building you a home and moving on to the next.
Steve is only satisfied when he is sure that he’s built your dream home.

On top of that, when you work with Steve you can take pride in the fact that you are getting a completely unique, personalized home that is perfect for you. In his 25+ years in the home-building business, Steve has never built the same house twice. Each home that Steve and his crew build is completely specific to who you are and what you want from your dream home. From determining the style of architecture, to picking out the finish of your cabinets, Steve ensures that every part of your home is exactly what you have dreamt of, all while keeping budget in mind.

Steve’s experience in the home-building market has given him a deep understand of all the things that can sneak up on a buyer during the home-build process, and he makes sure that you have all the information up-front, so that there are no surprises that could keep you from being completely satisfied with your home.

One thing is certain for those who work with Steve and Stacy Custom Homes: you will walk away from the process feeling completely cared for. Steve’s kindness and helpfulness, paired with his extensive understanding of and experience with the home-building market makes working with Stacy Custom Homes a refreshing and exciting experience – one that you’ll remember for years.

Call us today to view plans, look at homes and lots that are currently available, or discuss your custom project. We’re here to help every step of the way.

Stacy Custom Homes
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